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A proven step-by-step approach to learning long jump technique and maximizing distance – so you can absorb and master each aspect at your own pace.

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Everything you need to start jumping farther. From essential technique and innovative drills, to the training and competition tactics that have won Olympic medals and National Championships.

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Experience a smarter way to learn and lengthen jumps. Lessons designed to rapidly convert your knowledge into better performance.

jumping smarter, jumping farther

A revolutionary approach to learning elite long jump technique

“Jumping Smarter, Jumping Farther” is a modern approach to learning and coaching elite Long Jump technique. The system and methodologies shared propelled Janay DeLoach Soukup to a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympic games and 4 USA National Championships.

Gain unprecedented access to Janay’s proven methodology for success through 29 comprehensive videos. Experience world class demonstrations with in-depth technical analysis from Janay and the CSU jumps coach Ryan Bailey. Learn the drills and techniques to avoid the biggest distance killers and rapidly improve your long jump distance. Hear the stories behind athletes struggles and triumphs on their journey to becoming champions.

 From beginning track and field coaches to elite jumpers, this training series will redefine your understanding of the long jump and provide practical tips and drills that have been battle-tested and proven to produce incredible results.

Genres: Track and Field, Long Jump

Duration: 1 hour 54 minutes

Lessons: 34

Olympian Janay DeLoach Soukup Long Jump Instructor

Janay DeLoach Soukup


Attitude is everything. For Janay DeLoach Soukup, nothing could be more true. On the track, few have ever been better than Janay. She won a silver medal in the long jump at an indoor world championship and a bronze in the 2012 London Olympics. Only six American women have ever jumped farther than her lifetime best of 23 feet and ¾ of an inch.

But this did not come easy. Hard work and overcoming injury is something Janay knows very well. After a compression fracture on her left ankle forced her to switch her takeoff leg to the right, she qualified for a second Olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, a feat she now says was her greatest athletic achievement. While learning to do everything with the opposite foot was not easy, her determination and foundation of knowledge took her the distance.

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The Long Jump is all about speed maintenance.

Without speed, your jump will land short. Every truly long jump begins with a fast, effective approach towards the board. But you know it’s not that easy. While there is no substitute for speed, uncontrolled speed is not enough. Going the distance is about getting the technique right and transferring speed into horizontal and vertical velocity. That’s why we start from the beginning and cover every key element of the jump – from setting-up your approach to landing. Whether you’re new to long jump or you’ve had years of experience coaching or competing in the event – you’ll feel absolutely confident with your foundation.


Convert information into execution with cutting edge drills.

The long jump requires speed, strength and explosiveness. Combine these talents with grace and agility and you’ll be getting every inch from your jump. The point is to apply force at the right time with the right technique. Every drill included is designed to get you there. You’ll learn foundational drills to train and reinforce technique as well as drills to produce power and speed. You’ll also gain an understanding of when and why to use them.

Deep Insight

Learn the lessons of a lifetime from an Olympian long jumper who has been where you are.

Go deeper into the technique and develop a true understanding of how it all fits together. These lessons provide additional insight on long jump technique and the methodology taught throughout the course.

Athlete Insight: Get the perspective of a two-time Olympian Janay DeLoach Soukup through her training journey, as she was forced to switch her takeoff leg due to injury and the lessons she learned throughout competing at the highest level of the event.

Coaching Insight: Hear the approach and tactics of Coach Ryan Baily, Head Assistant Track and Field coach for CSU and former head coach at Chadron State. Baily has guided athletes to 50 school records, 25 All American honors, 14 Mountain West individual titles and a Division II national championship. He also coached Janay through her takeoff leg switch. Along with being a former RMAC decathlon champion himself, Baily’s depth of experience has brought him a unique perspective on coaching the long jump.


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Jumping Smarter, Jumping Farther

Lesson Plan


A Great Jump

What does a great jump feel like? Through describing the sensations of the perfect long jump, Olympic Bronze Medalist Janay DeLoach Soukup and elite long jumpers Aasha Marler and Ryan Wasilawski offer insight into the essential elements of a great jump.


Meet the Team

Wisdom comes from many places and in many forms. In this chapter, meet the team and hear how their collective experiences bring unique perspectives to the course.


Sprint Mechanics - Technical Instruction

If you want to jump far, first you have to learn to sprint. This chapter demonstrates proper sprint mechanics to maximize power and speed and sets the foundation of a successful jump.


Sprint Mechanics - Drills

How do you build proper sprint mechanics? This chapter provides vital drills to practice and perfect faster sprints and illustrates common mistakes that will slow you down.


Sprinting - Athlete Insight

Speed creates distance. Janay shares her experience on developing speed and how posture and proper technique will lead to faster sprints and longer jumps.


Building Speed - Coaching Insight

Coach Bailey explores how critical speed is to a good long jump and shares key points on how to develop it. He provides some coaching insights on mechanics and acceleration drills as well as how frequently athletes should practice sprinting.


Full Approach - Technical Instruction

A technical examination of the full approach beginning with the starting position and moving through the sprint to the board. Proper technique and common pitfalls are covered from step 1 through 18 (or 9 right foot steps).


Penultimate Step - Athlete Insight

The penultimate, or next to the last, step sets you up for a quick and powerful launch. Janay discusses how important subtlety is with this step, how to practice it, and common errors to avoid.


Penultimate Step and the Board

A technical breakdown of the penultimate and plant foot (final) step – how to achieve a subtle penultimate, the proper takeoff angle and foot contact with the board. These elements transform your accumulated horizontal velocity into distance.


Plant Foot - Athlete Insight

Janay explains the plant foot (final) step and what it feels like when done properly from an athlete’s perspective. She shares how she personally overcame one of the most prevalent mistakes with this step and her philosophy on board awareness to increase consistency and distance.


Consistency at the Board - Coaching Insight

A recap of the full approach and coaching insight on training athletes for consistent technique. Coach Baily reveals practice methods for developing consistent approach mechanics to ensure athletes perform the same way in competition that they do in training.


Full Approach - Drills

Janay, Aasha and Ryan demonstrate the mechanics of the full approach and drills to cultivate proper technique. Common errors are also demonstrated to aid in avoiding distance killers.


Knee Drive - Athlete Insight

Once you’re ready to launch, the knee drive is critical in determining the trajectory of your jump. Janay explains correct knee drive and what it feels like when done right.


Knee Drive - Coaching Insight

An in-depth look into proper knee drive mechanics and warm up drills. Coach Baily discusses common errors and useful methods to troubleshoot them.


Landing - Technical Instruction

Now that you’ve launched through the air, how you land will have a dramatic impact on the length of your jump. Janay demonstrates what a good landing looks like and Coach Bailey explains errors that will reduce your distance.


Landing - Coaching Insight

Coach Bailey shares insight on developing an athlete’s landing and how posture in the air affects this. He also reveals coaching queues he has used to correct common issues.


Knee Drive and Landing - Drills

Janay, Aasha and Ryan demonstrate what proper and improper knee drive looks like. They also share drills to achieve good landing technique.


Working with Janay - Coaching Insight

Coach Bailey discusses his experience coaching Janay and ways they overcame consistency issues when she had to switch from jumping off the left to jumping off the right due to injury.


Success in the Long Jump - Coaching Insight

Coach Bailey shares what he believes are the three most important attributes that a great long jumper has. He also talks about what he looks for when he is watching athletes for the first time and how he handles different natural talents.


Coaching Mistakes - Coaching Insight

Coach Baily shares some of the most common coaching mistakes he has observed throughout his years in coaching. He also reflects on his coaching career and talks about the single piece of advice he would give himself at the beginning of his coaching career.


Jumping Drills - Technical Analysis

A detailed technical analysis highlighting proper an improper technique on key long jumping drills.


Air Mechanics - Technical Analysis

Coach Bailey does a technical breakdown on air mechanics by reviewing several jumps and sharing his insight on the common elements of proper and improper technique with 3 different styles.


Speed Maintenance - Athlete Insight

The long jump is all about speed maintenance. Ryan talks about this crucial concept and how it dramatically improved his performance. He also shares some tips on how he developed proper technique.


Gaining Confidence - Athlete Insight

Aasha shares her biggest challenge in the long jump and how she was able to overcome doubt from coaches by adopting a strong work ethic and unwavering persistence.


Approach and Penultimate - Athlete Insight

Aasha describes how she was able to gain a much better sense of where she is during the full approach by counting steps and developing queues to match them. She also shares how she was better able to understand the penultimate step through music.


A Positive Jumper - Athlete Insight

Ryan talks about the mental side of long jumping and why being a positive jumper is critical to success.


Posture for Distance - Athlete Insight

Ryan provides insight into how posture plays such a critical role throughout the jump and shares tips to avoid negative recovery and over rotation.


Switching Legs - Athlete Insight

Janay shares a personal story of a significant injury in the middle of her career and how she came to terms with having to make a considerable change as a result of this.


Career and Competition Advice - Athlete Insight

After years of competing at the very highest level of the sport Janay has amassed an incredible amount of experience and insight. Hear the best pieces of advice she has for competition and a successful long jumping career.


Strength Training for Track & Field

From the long jump to sprinting and even throwing – strength training for Track & Field is all about being able to generate power from the hips. Gain insight into one of the most successful division 1 strength training programs for Track and Field in the country. Nick Longo, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Colorado State University, shares the concepts and techniques of strength training specific to jumpers and track and field athletes. In this section he introduces the fundamental concepts of training for power, strength and injury prevention.


Olympic Lifts

Developing explosive power is paramount to jumping far. Olympic lifts, when performed properly, will dramatically increase an athletes power and ability to explode off the board. One of the best ways to develop triple extension and power from the hips, a must do for serious jumpers. Coach Longo breaks down the elements of the olympic lifts and demonstrates essential technique.


The Squat

A ‘bread and butter’ lift in CSU’s strength training arsenal – in addition to being one of the best lifts to increase strength, power and stability, squats have been proven to have a positive influence on athletes physiology and adaptation to strength training. Coach Longo demonstrates proper technique that will keep athletes free of injury while maximizing their effectiveness.


Bench Press

The Bench Press is one of the most common lifts performed, however, it is also perhaps the lift that is most commonly performed incorrectly. In order to realize the most from this lift an athlete needs to understand how to engage the maximum amount of muscle while protecting the shoulders. Coach Longo provides the essentials on how to properly perform the Bench Press in order to lift the greatest amount of weight while preventing injury.


Dumbbell Power Step-Up

During the long jump, power is generated from the hips at very specific depths. In order for strength to translate into jumping you need to replicate the movements and speed performed on the runway. This is where the Dumbbell Power Step-Up comes into play. By setting up the correct hip depth and combining it with a resisted explosive movement you can further enhance your power.