Driving Smarter, Driving Farther

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Smart Progression

Learn, practice and play with the same eight-position technical progression used by the world’s best ball strikers. Dramatically improve your driver swing speed and accuracy.

All-In-One System

From essential technique and a cutting edge approach to practicing, to the competition tactics that have won world championships, learn how to make the driver your most effective scoring club.

Rapid Learning Design

Experience a smarter way to learn and find more fairways. Golf video lessons designed to rapidly convert your knowledge into better drives.

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Driving smarter, driving farther

A revolutionary approach to learning elite driver technique

“Driving Smarter, Driving Farther” is the most comprehensive course ever created on hitting the driver. Gain unprecedented access to legendary long drive coach Bobby Peterson (Team USA long drive captain) and his leading edge approach to elite driving technique. The methods and drills shared within propelled Ryan Reisbeck to become #1 in World Long Drive in 2017 and to reach a PR of 485 yards.

The drive is over in mere seconds. In this course, you’ll learn the drive in slow motion, broken down into eight parts so you can absorb and master every aspect of the swing. Experience world-class demonstrations with in-depth technical analysis and learn the techniques to rapidly increase your driving accuracy and distance. Stop swinging harder and start driving smarter.

From the basics to pro training methods, this series will redefine your understanding of the drive and provide practical tips and drills that have been battle-tested and proven to get the best out of your swing. The prospects are game changing.

Genres: Golf, Driver

Duration: 1 hour 57 minutes

Lessons: 23

Professional Long Driver Ryan Reisbeck headshot

Ryan Reisbeck


Maybe like you, Professional Long Driver Ryan “The Big Deal” Reisbeck didn’t hit a single golf ball as a child. He actually didn’t start competing in long drive until his 30s. Perhaps also like you, after hitting that first passable drive on the range, he was hooked.

Though he had developed his athleticism as a former baseball pitcher at the University of Utah, Ryan knew very little about golf or long drive when he started competing in 2010.  Now, after competing in seven World Long Drive Championships and earning 14 first-place finishes on the World Long Drive tour, he’s learned way more than a few good “golf tips.”

How do you get your ball to travel massive distances while maintaining accuracy? What do you need to change to hit faster balls? How do you reach tremendous club head speeds? Just six years after he entered his first competition, while working with Bobby Peterson and applying the systems and techniques in Driving Smarter, Driving Farther, Ryan answered these questions and won his first Long Drive competition.

Long Drive Coach Bobby Peterson headshot

Bobby Peterson


There are passionate golf instructors and then there is Bobby Peterson. When it comes to hitting the driver, Bobby can teach you anything you’d ever want to know. From the physics of ball flight to every meticulous detail of technique, equipment questions and competition tactics, Bobby has you more than covered.

As a renowned long drive coach, Bobby Peterson has taken numerous athletes to the World Long Drive Championships, has overseen 60 first place wins on the World Long Drive tour and taken three himself. He owns the One Stop Power Shop and coaches the current world’s top long driver, Kyle Berkshire.

Want to feel the elation that comes from driving the ball farther down the range than you ever have? Bobby’s system will give you step-by-step, actionable ways you can drastically improve your drive.

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Course Details



Fix bad habits or prevent them from ever developing in the first place.


Pars and birdies start with a great drive. The habits you develop and technique used to hit the driver will cascade down through every club. What’s more, the driver is the toughest club to hit consistently – the longer the club, the smaller your margin for error. Success in golf starts with the drive.

But you know it’s not that easy. You need a system that will help you quantify and measure where you are at, identify areas of improvement and provide a straightforward path to rewiring your brain, muscles and nervous system to execute proper technique.

That’s why our golf video lessons start from the beginning and break the drive down into 8 easy to understand sections. This approach will allow you to experience progress from day 1 and target exactly where your technique is off. Whether you’re a new golfer or you’ve had years of experience on greens and at the driving range, you’ll feel absolutely confident teeing up.



Convert information into execution with cutting edge practice methods.


If you practice right, your tee box strategy can lead you down the green. Randomly hitting balls on the range isn’t going to get you there. Learn the system the pros use in practice to build and reinforce technique and generate power, speed and accuracy.

And because everyone struggles with different elements of the swing, common errors are broken down so you can self correct in practice or out on the course.

Coaching and Athlete Insight


Learn the lessons of a lifetime from a coach and a professional long driver who have been where you are.


Coach Insight: Go deeper into the technique and develop a true understanding of how it all fits together. These lessons provide additional insight on the technique and methodology taught throughout the course. You’ll finish each section with tips and tactics to reflect, identify failure points and get more from your driver.

Athlete Insight: Get the perspective of a professional long driver on his training journey, biggest challenges and the lessons he’s learned throughout competing at the highest level of the game.


Hear Paul Pugmire and Ryan Holt’s thoughts on the course and their discussion with Ryan and Bobby. 

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Driving Smarter, Driving Farther

Lesson Plan


Course Introduction: The Drive

Ryan Reisbeck lays the foundation of the class and shares how working with legendary coach Bobby Peterson has completely changed his understanding of the drive.


The 4 Absolutes - Foundational Concepts

There are 4 absolutes or foundational concepts that serve as the backbone of the entire course. These concepts are interwoven throughout each lesson. Ryan describes each of the absolutes and why they are instrumental to hitting great, consistent drives.


Pre-Shot Routine

Developing a consistent pre-shot routine sets you up for success before you even approach the ball. Bobby and Ryan talk about what a pre-shot routine consists of, elements to account for, how to it relates to practice and why it’s such an important component of each shot.


Position 1 - Set Up

Position one is truly the foundation of the golf swing; it’s also one of the most neglected positions. Issues with set-up will cascade through the rest of the swing, causing loss of accuracy and distance. Most golfers will experience drastic improvements by simply adopting a consistent set-up. This lesson covers proper approach, set-up, stance, foot pressure, posture, spine tilt and more.


Pro Insight - Position 1

Bobby talks about the importance of identifying the apex (or zero point) of the swing and how it affects set-up up for each shot. He also shares the most common mistake with set-up.


Position 2 - Initiating the Backswing

Position 2 is the first step in the power sequence. It’s a vital element to achieving the correct positions that will enable you to hit all the sequences in the power chain. Bobby and Ryan demonstrate how to properly initiate the backswing, discuss common errors and provide drills that can be done at home as well as during practice sessions.


Pro Insight - Position 2

Bobby provides deeper insight on initiating the backswing and speaks to the importance of staying connected. Ryan shares his biggest challenges with position two as well as how he overcame them.


Position 3 - Extension

Full extension of the club while keeping it in the correct plane is critical to maximizing your power and accuracy. This chapter builds upon the previous positions and illustrates the proper mechanics and the sensations you will feel when you get position three correct and how to tell when it’s off.


Pro Insight - Position 3

Bobby gives a detailed but simple explanation of how creating the widest possible arc maximizes club head speed. He also shares tips on how to verify if you are properly extending the club in position three.


Position 4 - Top of the Backswing

This is the final position in setting the club. High hands, lead arm action and weight transfer are critical components at this stage. If sequencing and timing is off in position four, this will results in power leeks and loss of distance. Ryan and Bobby demonstrate how to get all these elements right and provide essential practice drills for position four.


Position 5 - Transition

Position five is where the magic happens. Through proper sequencing and very slight opposing movements of the upper and lower body (X-factor stretch) you can generate an incredible amount of power. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to tap into this power and the necessary steps and drills to harness all of it in your swing.


Pro Insight - Position 5

Bobby reiterates how critical the separation between the upper and lower body is during transition and how to practice this. Ryan shares how he experienced a significant jump in power and speed when he fully realized the X-factor stretch as well as some common errors with this position.


Position 6 - Power Position

This is the last position prior to impact. Bobby and Ryan address key movements and sensations to maintain the load in the shaft and optimize force using your third power lever, the lead arm. Common errors that create loss of power are also covered to ensure you don’t lose all the work you’ve done leading up to position six.


Position 7 - Impact

Position seven is what the entire swing sequence leads up to – the payoff. Using your final power lever, the hands, learn how to take advantage of the stored energy built-up in all of the other positions to properly release the club head and maximize kick assist.


Pro Insight - Position 7

Ryan and Bobby provide further insight into position seven and how to interpret the instant feedback through observing the ball flight.


Position 8 - Finish

While the finish has elements of personal style, it can reveal issues that began earlier in the swing. Ryan and Bobby discuss important elements of the finish and how it can be used as a troubleshooting tool for diagnosing other faults in the swing.


Practice Routine

Developing a solid practice routine is vital to hitting better drives and becoming a better golfer. Bobby and Ryan walk you through the first 24 balls of their practice routine where you will focus on each position every three balls and build-up through the finish.


Practicing, Training and Swing Speed

Ryan provides valuable insight concerning practice, training tips and improving swing speed.


Club Path, Face Angle and Impact Positions

Learn the 3 different path directions and face angles and how impact positions of the club effect the shot.


Developing Power

Ryan shares how mastering the fundamentals is the best way to really generate power and drive the ball farther.


Competition Mindset

Ryan talks about his experiences from a psychological perspective with competing and what he has found to be the most effective approach for him to perform under pressure.


Communicating with Athletes

Bobby reveals his approach to working with athletes and how critical communication is for a coach in helping them realize their potential.


A-Ha Moments

Ryan shares the greatest a-ha moments he experienced through his training journey.