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Learn more about some of the most effective instructors in sport.


@ X-Pollination Productions

Learn more about some of the most effective instructors in sport.


Discus Throw

Brian Bedard teaching entry mechanics in the discus throw
NCAA Champions
Conference Champions
MW Coach Of The Year Awards
Years Coaching Throws
All-American performances

Brian Bedard knows how to spot potential and build champions from the ground up. Considered by many to be the country’s leading expert on the Discus and throwing events, he’s turned walk-ons into All-Americans. It’s a reputation that he has earned and established for over 31 years. 

In 1988 Brian joined the CSU coaching staff as the throwing events coach and officially enrolled in the “school of hard knocks.”

Through trial and error he began to develop a coaching system that would lay the foundation for numerous conference titles, NCAA champions and Olympic qualifiers. 

Along the way he developed a system to handle the complexity of coaching all the throws events and successfully juggle the highly technical and distinct disciplines.

Fast forward to 2021 – Bedard is in his 15th year as CSU’s head track and field coach while continuing to lead one of the most successful throwing programs in the country.

An eleven time Mountain West Coach of the Year, Bedard has coached four NCAA champions, two Olympians, 45 All-American performances and 81 conference champions.

Enroll today and learn the lessons gathered and distilled over 31 years in the school of hard knocks. Learn More

Brian Bedard instructor profile

Brian Bedard



Peter Smith teaching forehand grip
Seasons with 20+ Wins
Pac-12 Coach of the year awards
NCAA Championships
ITA Coach of the Year Awards
national Men's Team Titles
Coaching Career Wins

Peter Smith has a habit of breaking records. Known for his keen ability to connect players with deeper levels of the game, he is a legendary figure in the world of college tennis. At age 23, he became the youngest Division I men’s tennis coach in the country at Long Beach State. A first step of a remarkable journey.

Peter then spent time at Fresno State and Pepperdine before taking the helm at USC in 2002. Since then, he’s molded the successful program into a record-smashing dynasty with his sage-like presence and personal style of play.    

Easily one of the most successful coaches in NCAA tennis history, Peter’s team championships and coaching honors are evidence of his holistic approach to the game.

During his 17 years at USC he has led the team to five NCAA championships and a coaching record of 359-97, leading the nation with 21 national men’s team tennis titles. 

Of the many championship teams and athletes Peter has coached throughout his 28 year tenure, the most notable is Steve Johnson. Currently a professional and ranked No. 21 in the world, Peter helped Steve become a two-time NCAA singles champion and win four consecutive NCAA Team Championships.

In 2019 Peter transitioned to being a full-time professional coach. His current players include Steve Johnson and Sam Query.

Through his lifetime of coaching, Peter has learned how to take players where they could not get themselves. Enroll today and learn the fundamentals that built a legacy. Learn More


Strength and Athletic Development

brent salazar teaching harness pulls
Years with the Kansas City Chiefs
Year with the Minnesota Vikings
years with the USTA

A veteran NFL strength and conditioning coach, Brent Salazar spent 12 years training players for the Broncos, Chiefs and Vikings before transitioning to tennis, becoming the Director of Performance at the United States Tennis Association. Here he helped the top professionals in the country push the ceiling of their potential.

But he’s not just a trainer that gets results for professional athletes; his passion for developing champions has included work with a wide array of athletes – from softball, soccer, basketball and volleyball players to golfers and swimmers.

His steadfast consistency and obsessive interest in training innovation is the foundation of his approach: improving movement patterns and increasing health and resiliency to advance performance.

Judging the success of a strength and conditioning coach isn’t as straightforward as counting wins and losses.

To be amongst the best, a coach must understand human physiology to a degree that is as extraordinary as the feats of performance their athletes wish to accomplish.

Encyclopedic knowledge of training methods for speed, strength, power, endurance, mobility, coordination, acceleration, etc., must be matched with the ability to effectively communicate and motivate.

This is Brent Salazar through and through – a coach whose methods are a masterful blend of both art and science.

Once considered a luxury item in athletics, strength and conditioning is now an integral piece to the human performance puzzle. Enroll today and learn how Brent Salazar takes athletes where they could not get themselves. Learn More


Golf - Long Drive

Ryan Reisbeck teaching the takeaway in the golf swing
World Long Drive Victories
Yards - Longest Drive
Weeks -Ranked #1 in the world

Maybe like you, Professional Long Driver Ryan “The Big Deal” Reisbeck didn’t hit a single golf ball as a child. He actually didn’t start competing in long drive until his 30s. Perhaps also like you, after hitting that first passable drive on the range, he was hooked.

Though he had developed his athleticism as a former baseball pitcher at the University of Utah, Ryan knew very little about golf or long drive when he started competing in 2010. 

Now, after competing in seven World Long Drive Championships and earning 14 first-place finishes on the World Long Drive tour, he’s learned way more than a few good “golf tips.”

How do you get your ball to travel massive distances while maintaining accuracy? What do you need to change to hit faster balls? How do you reach tremendous club head speeds?

Just six years after he entered his first competition, while working with Bobby Peterson and applying the systems and techniques in Driving Smarter, Driving Farther, Ryan answered these questions and won his first Long Drive competition.

Ryan’s longest drive in competition traveled an astonishing 485 yards in 2017, the same year he was ranked #1 in World Long Drive. Along with being one of golf’s most powerful drivers, he is also a perpetual student of the swing.

But he’s not just in it for the win. Ryan wants to share his passion for the sport so you’re able to experience the same joy of hitting your longest drive. Enroll today and start learning what it took him years and tens of thousands of drives to refine. Learn More


Golf - Long Drive

Bobby Peterson teaching the backswing
Time USA Long Drive Team Captin
Yards - Longest Drive
Athletes Ranked #1 In the World

There are passionate golf instructors and then there is Bobby Peterson. When it comes to hitting the driver, Bobby can teach you anything you’d ever want to know. From the physics of ball flight to every meticulous detail of technique, equipment questions and competition tactics, Bobby has you more than covered.

As a renowned long drive coach, Bobby Peterson has taken numerous athletes to the World Long Drive Championships, has overseen 60 first place wins on the World Long Drive tour and taken three himself. He owns the One Stop Power Shop and is the Team USA long drive captain. Yeah, he lives and breaths long drive.

Looking to lower your golf scores? Start with the first shot you take. Want to feel the elation that comes from driving the ball farther down the range than you ever have? Bobby’s system will give you step-by-step, actionable ways you can drastically improve your drive.

Bobby has been competing in long drive for more than half his life. He got a taste for the sport when he won a small event in his home state of North Carolina in 1992 and he’s been immersed in it ever since. His PR in competition is 412 yards. 

With 26 years of competing, coaching World Champion athletes like Kyle Berkshire and Chloe Garner, and fitting drivers, his system of learning the long drive is rooted in battle-earned wisdom. Enroll today and learn the lessons he’s gathered from years of coaching PGA players, serious golfers and professional long drive competitors. Learn More

DeLoach Soukup

Long Jump

janay deloach soukup teaching long jump mechanics
Bronze Medal 2012 Olympics
Silver Medal 2012 World Championships
Feet 3/4" PR - Long Jump

Attitude is everything. For Janay DeLoach Soukup, nothing could be truer. On the track, few have ever been better than DeLoach Soukup. She won a silver medal in the long jump at an indoor world championships and a bronze in the 2012 London Olympics. Only six American women have ever jumped farther than her lifetime best of 7.03 (23 feet and ¾ inch).

But this did not come easy. Hard work and overcoming injury is something Janay knows very well.

After a compression fracture on her left ankle forced her to switch her takeoff leg to the right, she qualified for a second Olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, a feat she now says was her greatest athletic achievement.

While learning to do everything with the opposite foot was not easy, her determination and foundation of knowledge took her the distance.

How do you develop explosive power in your jump? What should you change to ensure you’re not loosing speed in your approach? How do you ensure you don’t scratch on the big jump?

Through years of competing (and winning) Janay has developed a sequential, actionable training program that breaks records.

​Janay has had her fair share of fouls, missing big jumps by fractions of an inch and physical setbacks. But she pressed on and learned that doing the right work with determination and confidence is the way to realizing goals.

Enroll today and start learning how to jump farther, overcome obstacles and reach your goals stronger than ever. Learn More


High Jump

Ryan Baily teaching high jump box drills
All-American Honors
School Records
MW Individual Titles
Time RMAC Coach of the year
Years of T&F Experience
NCAA DII National Championship

You’ve heard the quote, “nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” These are the words Coach Ryan Baily must have naturally imprinted on his character. With every athlete, each event, and every drill, Baily’s excitement and coaching style reveals the path to a higher jump through confidence and motivation.

A lifelong athlete himself, Coach Baily’s passion for sport is so ingrained, he actually drove hundreds of miles each week as a young athlete just to practice the pole vault.

It’s this passion and over 30 years of experience in track and field that makes Baily the kind of coach able to teach you how to draw out skills and talents hiding beneath the surface.

As the current head assistant track and field coach for CSU and former head coach at Chadron State, Baily has guided athletes to 50 school records, 25 All American honors, 16 Mountain West individual titles and a Division II national championship.

Along with being a former RMAC decathlon champion himself, Baily’s depth of experience has brought him a unique perspective on coaching track and field.

He appreciates that all athletes are different and there is no “perfect formula” that fits all high jumpers. In Jumping Smarter, Jumping Higher, Coach Baily presents a coaching system and philosophy that is adaptable to every athlete.

Enroll today and learn how he gets a diverse array of athletes over higher and higher bars. Learn More


Distance Running

jason fitzgerald demonstrating distance running

As Featured In:

Jason Fitzgerald is the host of the Strength Running Podcast and the founder of Strength Running, an award-winning running blog with hundreds of thousands of monthly readers. A 2:39 marathoner and USATF-certified coach, he’s coached thousands of endurance athletes to faster finishing times and fewer injuries with his results-oriented coaching philosophy.

He’s the winner of the 2011 Morraine Hills Half Marathon, 2012 Maryland Warrior Dash, and the 2013 Potomac River Run Marathon.

During his collegiate career, he was a member of the 2002 National Championship-qualifying cross-country team and a top ten finisher in the steeplechase at the 2006 New England Championships.

Jason is a member of the Greatist Expert Network, a speaker for industry conferences and major brands like Anheuser-Busch, and an instructor at adult fitness retreats and running camps.

Jason is the host of the wildly successful Strength Running Podcast which features some of the biggest stars in running.

His work has been featured in the Washington Post, Runner’s World, Health Magazine, Lifehacker, The Huffington Post, and other major media.

The lessons Jason shares will give you lifelong, actionable knowledge to run smarter and stronger.

Enroll today to uncover your true running potential. Learn More

Abdel Wahab

Sprinting and Hurdles

Karim Abdel Wahab teaching hurdle drills
Time Olympic Team Coach
Time Egypt National Team Coach
National Records
NCAA National Champions

Coach Karim is one of the foremost experts in the country when it comes to sprinting and speed development. His training system and methodologies are rooted in the most current scientific research and years of experience developing world-class athletes.

Karim has served as the team coach for the Egypt National team at World Championships and the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games. He is also the go to coach for getting CSU & UofSC football players ready to set blazing 40 yard dash times at the NFL combine.

In 2018 Karim became the sprints and hurdles coach at the University of South Carolina. Prior to that he coached sprints and hurdles at Colorado State University for eight seasons where his training system resulted in 6 All-American honors and a bronze medal in the long jump during the 2012 Olympic games. 

He has also served as a team coach for the Egypt National Team at the 2010 African Championships, the 2011 World Outdoor Championships, the 2012 World Indoor Championships and the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games. Among those to train under Abdel Wahab are Amr Seoud, Egypt’s national record holder in the 100m and 200m,

Janay DeLoach Soukup, who won a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympic games and Anas Beshr, who set a national record in the 400m to qualify for the Rio Olympics.

The latest Olympian added to Karim’s coaching resume is Wadeline Jonathas. She will be competing for Team USA in the 400m in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Looking to develop your sprinting speed? It starts with how much force you apply to the ground. Want to feel what it’s like to reach the finish first?

Coach Karim’s system will give you a proven, straightforward progression to out-sprinting your current self. Enroll today and learn how Coach Karim trains athletes for top speed. Learn More


Pole Vault and Hurdles

Kevin Brown teaching pole vault
All Americans
Time Team USA Coach
Years of coaching Track & Field

The track and field wisdom Kevin Brown carries is built from a lifetime of experience in the sport. A pole vault All-American, Olympic trials qualifier and Atlantic Coast Conference scorer in five different events, his knowledge is rooted in direct training, struggle and performance.

After concluding his own athletic pursuits as the most decorated vaulter in school history at the University of North Carolina, Brown began his coaching career in 1995 at his alma mater.

Through his personal athletic training and working with literally thousands of athletes in his career, he has developed a coaching system that has resulted in numerous SEC Championships, All-American honors, NCAA champions and record holders.

His personal athletic achievements include being an Atlantic Coast Conference scorer in five different events including the long jump, triple jump, 4×100, 4×400 and the pole vault.

Kevin was a 1996 and 2000 Olympic Trials qualifier in the pole vault. His personal best is 18 feet 6 inches.

Brown is currently an Assistant Track and Field Coach at the University of South Carolina where he coaches pole vault, relays, sprints and hurdles.

Do you want to learn what it takes to be an elite hurdler? It starts with courage and proper technique.

Looking to clear the last hurdle and reach the finish ahead of everyone else in the race?

Hurdling Smarter will give you a proven, straightforward progression to hurdling over your current race results.

Enroll today and learn how Kevin Brown trains athletes for great technique and record-breaking performance. Learn More



Ken Harnden teaching sprinting posture
NCAA National Champions
NCAA Team Championships
All-American Honors
Sub-10 100m sprinters
NCAA 200m Champions

To be widely considered one of the world’s best sprint coaches, one must cultivate winners, reap respect and promote honor and integrity. Not an easy checklist – but Coach Ken Harnden has the stats to back the reputation. With his individualized approach to coaching sprinters, Harnden has a unique way of inspiring athletes with his consistent, passion-driven approach to success.

As a two-time Olympian, NCAA champion and Commonwealth Games bronze medal winner, his knowledge is rooted in firsthand training, trial and competition.

After concluding his own athletic pursuits, Harnden began his coaching career at Florida State University, building it into one of the top-five programs in the country.

Currently serving as the Sprints Coach at the University of Tennessee, the three-time USTFCCCA National Assistant Coach of the Year has guided 14 Olympians, 25 NCAA champions and more than 160 All-Americans.

Numerous athletes have achieved world-class times under Harnden’s watch with six of his sprinters breaking the 10-second barrier in the 100.

His individual athletic achievements include being a 2 time Olympian in the 1996 and 2000 Olympic games in the 400m hurdles. The 1995 NCAA national champion in the 400m hurdles as well as the Zimbabwe national record holder in the same event (48.05).

Do you want to know how elite sprinters train through an entire competitive season? Looking to learn the philosophies, technique and drills to achieve top-end speed?

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Paul Weir teaching basketball shooting form
Years Coaching at NCAA Level
NCAA Tournament Appearances
NBA Players

Dr. Paul Weir is not just a coach; he is a passionate student of the game. During his 17 years of coaching at the NCAA level, he earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership Administration and multiple master’s degrees in human performance and sports psychology. He learned early that the game of basketball is far more than physical preparation and he’s fervently pursued all avenues of research and study into the game since playing point guard in secondary school.

Starting his career as a high school coach in Toronto and serving as both an assistant and head coach of the Canadian junior national team, Weir has a deep understanding of the struggles and rewards youth coaches face.

After beginning his collegiate coaching career at Northwestern State and Iowa, Weir spent nearly a decade as a popular assistant coach under Marvin Menzies at New Mexico State. During this time he established a recruiting pipeline to Canada that fueled NCAA Tournament appearances.

In 2016 he became the head coach at New Mexico State and helped write the Aggie record books, winning 28 games. He then took the opportunity to lead the Lobos at the University of New Mexico, becoming the first head coach to serve both of New Mexico’s Division I institutions.

Weir is currently the Director of Athletics at Eastern New Mexico University. He is also the head coach for the Canadian junior national team, where he led the team to a third-place finish in the 2021 FIBA World Cup.

Do you want to learn some of the most useful tactics to get players recruited? Are you looking for the most effective drills and practice design philosophies that lead to results in the game? Do you want to learn how to become a college coach?

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Triple Jump

willie banks teaching swing leg technique in the triple jump
Year World Record Holder
Time Olympian
Feet 11.5" Record - Triple Jump

Willie Banks has a deep understanding of how difficult it is to train and compete at the highest level in sport. The three-time Olympian has spent a lifetime working, struggling, and fighting for the triple jump. Representing the US in 18 international competitions over his career, Willie reached the pinnacle of the event by setting the world record at 19.79m/58-11.5ft in 1985. A record he held for ten years.

Though it almost didn’t happen that way. In 1981, promoters planned to exclude the triple jump from European track and field events. So Willie brought his fight for the event into a whole other realm. He took his passion for the triple jump to the fans. As the first Track and Field athlete to engage the crowd in competition by encouraging them to clap rhythmically along with him, Banks changed the fate of the triple jump forever.

But he didn’t let go of the Triple Jump there. After being named the 1985 USATF Jesse Owens Male Athlete of the Year and 1986 US Olympic Committee Sportsman of the Year, he served as Vice President of the Athletics Congress. From the incredible spread of 1975 to 1992, he remained ranked among the best triple jumpers in the US and the world. Banks was inducted into the USA National Track & Field Hall of Fame in 1999.

Still, after all he’s accomplished, Banks continues to fight for the triple jump and track and field. At the age of 65, he earned another world record in track and field with the highest outdoor high jump in his age group. He is currently the chair of the World Plan Working Group, an initiative seeking to ensure the growth and development of the sport in all corners of the world.

Do you want to learn what it takes to be an accomplished triple jumper? It starts with passion for the event and proper technique. Looking to improve your power and speed to take your jump further? Smarter Triple Jump will give you a proven, straightforward path to increasing your distance. Enroll today and learn Willie Banks’s approach for record-breaking performance. Learn More