• coaching basketball the hidden curriculum video course

    Coaching Basketball – The Hidden Curriculum


    The most important lessons you won’t find in other basketball videos. Go beyond attending a college practice and gain access to truly unique content proven to advance your team and career. From managing parent relationships and getting players recruited to using analytics and becoming a college coach.

  • Golf

    Driving Smarter, Driving Farther


    “Driving Smarter, Driving Farther” is the most comprehensive course ever created on hitting the driver. Gain unprecedented access to professional long driver Ryan Reisbeck & legendary long drive coach Bobby Peterson’s approach to elite driving technique.

  • Hurdling

    Hurdling Smarter


    Reduced to simple terms, the hurdles event is a sprint with a few barriers along the way. But hurdling requires more than just speed. It requires flexibility, strength and courage – skills and attributes that can be developed using the right combination of mechanics and training.

  • Long Jump

    Jumping Smarter, Jumping Farther


    “Jumping Smarter, Jumping Farther” is a leading edge approach to learning and coaching elite Long Jumping. The techniques and methods shared propelled Janay DeLoach Soukup to a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympic games and 4 USA National Championships.

  • High Jump

    Jumping Smarter, Jumping Higher


    Enter into the realm of elite high jumping. Whether you’re a beginning high jumper, a coach looking for deeper understanding of the event, or an already accomplished jumper, this course is designed for you. Gain unprecedented access to CSU Coach Ryan Baily’s training program and experience…

  • Pole Vault

    Pole Vault, Start Here


    A complete guide for coaches and athletes to go from zero to vaulting. Coach Kevin Brown reveals his proven approach to guiding athletes that have never held a pole to safely taking vaults and clearing bars.

  • Running

    Running Smarter, Running Stronger


    Are you ready to become a stronger, faster runner? Endurance, running economy and resilience from injury is not hardcoded in your genetics. Running is a skill that can be developed and dramatically improved using the right combination of technique and training.

  • Athletic Speed

    Smarter Athletic Speed


    Smarter Athletic Speed is a course designed for athletes, coaches and parents who need a straightforward approach to increasing speed and delivering game-changing results. Everything you need to dramatically increase speed – including technique development, the most effective drills and how to integrate speed training into your practice routine.

  • Jumps Training

    Smarter Jumps Training


    Learn the drills and training methods proven to dramatically increase high jump and long jump performance. Smarter Jumps Training provides a complete breakdown of how to successfully train for the jumping events, including a 12-week training plan. You’ll get the most effective training philosophies and jumping wisdom to progress to higher heights and longer distances.

  • Strength & Athletic Development

    Smarter Strength & Athletic Development


    Accelerate your athletic development with a smarter approach to performance training. All the tools you need to dramatically increase strength, agility, speed and power. Over 5 hours of immersive video lessons taught by NFL/USTA strength & conditioning coach Brent Salazar. Accelerate your athletic development with a smarter approach to performance training – no matter your sport.

  • smarter triple jump video course cover
    Triple Jump

    Smarter Triple Jump


    Gain unprecedented access to the legendary athlete and coach, Willie Banks, and the lessons he’s learned in nearly 50 years in track and field. ‘Smarter Triple Jump’ is the culmination of the wisdom gained over an incredible 18 seasons ranked among the best jumpers in the US, 10-years as a World Record holder, and decades of coaching the event. You’ll get practical tips, drills, and technique training forged over an unparalleled career in the triple jump.

  • Speed Progression

    Sprinting Smarter, Speed Progression


    A sprinting and speed development course optimized around providing coaches and athletes with the latest tools and sprinting wisdom to progress to an entirely new level of speed and performance.

  • Sprinting

    Sprinting Smarter, Sprinting Faster


    Sprinting Smarter, Sprinting Faster is a revolutionary approach to learning and coaching elite sprinting technique. Speed is not something that is simply hardcoded in genetics. Sprinting is a skill that can be developed and dramatically improved using the right combination of biomechanics and training.…

  • Tennis

    The Point of the Game


    “The Point of the Game” is an immersive approach to learning and coaching elite tennis technique. Gain unprecedented access to legendary two-time ITA National Coach of the Year, Peter Smith and his comprehensive coaching system.

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