About X Pollination Productions

Instructional videos should be more than a collection of information and drills.

They should be an all-encompassing experience that guides you from where you are to where you want to be. Our courses help you assess where you are and provide a direct approach to understand and develop the methodologies, techniques and training habits of elite coaches and athletes in your sport. The lessons are presented in a way that follows the human learning process so the material sticks with you.

​Every course begins with a straightforward approach to mastering the fundamentals and gradually builds towards advanced concepts utilized by professional athletes and Olympians. Each drill has been carefully selected and serves to reinforce proper technique by training the nervous system and developing the skills, power and athleticism to achieve peak performance.

Smart progression

Cognitive science meets sport.

Successful learning starts with proper sequencing. The order that information is presented can mean the difference between success and confusion. Fortunately cognitive science research has provided insight on the most effective way to organize information and accelerate learning. We combine these powerful tools with the knowledge and experience of the instructor to create an optimal progression to learning the sport.

All-In-One System

Peace of mind, not pieced together

As athletes and former coaches, we understand all too well the challenges of sorting through the vast amounts of instructional videos and information on the web. That’s why every course we produce is meticulously planned and designed as a complete system with everything you need to realize better performance. 

No guesswork, no additional videos to buy. The drills that are included work hand-in-hand with the technical instruction and practice routines so you can maximize your training time. The Coaching and Athlete Insight lessons give you the kind of inside information that you simply don’t get with other courses. 

Rapid Learning Design

Your Training Time Is Precious, Be Smart With It

The same holds true for the time you invest in expanding your knowledge and expertise in your sport. You shouldn’t waste any time practicing poor technique, sweating over drills that don’t convert or enduring hours of instructional videos that don’t leave you any wiser.

Every course has been designed so you can convert information into execution. Making the most of your learning experience is at the core of what we do. We spend heaps of time refining each lesson to deliver straightforward, actionable information so you can spend yours training smarter.

4 dimensional learning


Video lessons that expand your understanding through in-depth, easy to follow explanations and world-class demonstrations. Learn the process used by elite athletes and discover what it takes to develop great technique.


Learn how to practice and compete like an elite athlete. You shouldn’t waste any time practicing poor technique or sweating over drills that don’t convert. We target what’s important and eliminate everything else so you can focus on developing the right skills in the right way.


Sport is way more than talent, technique and thousands of hours of drills. Mindset is the x-factor that can determine your success or failure during competition. Gain insight into how elite coaches and athletes have shaped their psyche to get the edge in competition.

Meta Performance

This is what separates champions from almost champions and transforms frustration into joy. Coaches and athletes share how to reflect, identify failure points, overcome plateaus and adapt performance to realize your goals.